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Something About Us

We live in the Midwest as transplants from the East Coast.  We reached financial independence before reaching the big 40 by having good careers, investing wisely and saving often.  From the beginning, we knew that just making a good salary would not lead to financial independence or early retirement.  Investing and saving would be key.  We have learned a lot during our journey. 

We look forward to early retirement once we better understand our kids’ college cost (please scholarships!) and our future medical insurance costs.


Our Goal

WhipperSnapper Finance provides meaningful savings, investing, and career insights to those who are serious about achieving financial independence.

We help simplify personal finances to support you in making sound financial decisions.

Ultimately, we want you to experience the freedom of being financially independent.

We have done it, so we speak from experience.



We know finances can be frustrating and hard. 

Money issues cause major stress in people’s lives.

Most financial institutions make it difficult to understand their services.

It is like you need an MBA to make sense of the quagmire of financial services and goods that banks, investment firms, and other financial institutions are trying to sell you.

Fortunately, we have the MBA and we are here to help!  

We will teach you the skills (and tricks) we learn along the way as we struggled to reach financial independence.




Final Thoughts


It is time to debunk the financial myths and get back to basics.  

We will keep things simple by focusing on investing, savings and career development. 

We want you to have the freedom that comes from financial independence.  

Financial independence truly makes life easier.

You got this!


Good Luck, Whippersnapper Finance

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