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The unfortunate quarantine reality is many have lost their job or had their pay cutback. How to find money during this time to help bridge until the quarantine is lifted is critical to making ends meet. Of course, all these recommendations can be done in the comfort of your home.

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How to Find Money – 10 Suggestions

1. File Your Taxes

96 Million Americans received tax refund checks in 2019. Even with the date of filing changing to mid-year, this is no time to lazy. Do your taxes. If you are owed a tax refund, send in your taxes now. If you owe taxes, well wait until the deadline.

There are many ways to spend your refund responsibly. However, if you don’t need the funds immediately, consider starting or increasing your emergency fund.

2. File for Unemployment

If you are like the millions of people in the United States who have lost their jobs, file for unemployment. There is currently a more enhanced and longer duration unemployment package, which is good.

This quarantine situation was mandated by the government. It is not any individual’s fault. This is definitely not the time to let ego prevent you from filing for the benefits you earned.

3. Government Correct Banking/Mailing Information

The United States’ government is currently claiming that it will direct deposit your stimulus check to the account where your refund check was deposited last year (if you received a refund). If your banking information is current, it should be one less thing to worry about.

If your banking information has changed, keep updated on this topic as there will surely be an opportunity to update the bank information. We will try and keep this post updated with that information when it becomes available.

4. Unclaimed Property and Money

How to find unclaimed property and money can be tricky. There are many locations to search for lost money. The most obvious is the IRS if you did not collect your refund check. There are time limits, so get started now.

States also keep unclaimed property and money. Check each state that you lived in individually to see if there is unclaimed money in your name. Unclaimed money frequently happens if you have moved and the mail forwarding time as ended.

Have you misplaced your treasury bonds, Treasury Direct is the place to go.

Remember there are a lot of scams out there, so make sure to use government sites only.

5. Change Banks and Credit Cards

Many banks and credit card companies offer financial incentives to join. It will pay to shop around as this could easily land an extra $500 in your bank account.

Don’t change your bank account until you have your tax refund and stimulus check.

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6. Return Items

This is not about wearing a dress and returning it, which would not make much sense during the quarantine. The idea of returning items applies to all the online ordering that can be done when bored at home.

Most likely, the items are unnecessary and should be returned based on the need to save money.

It is important with so much being purchased online during this time to really use the 48 or 72 hour rule to evaluate whether the item needs to be purchased.

Additionally, remove your credit card information from the various websites. This action will make it more annoying than to simply click and buy. It really does cut down on impulse buying.

7. Search the Cushions

There is not much to do during a quarantine. It is time to search high and low for money. Search junk drawers and under the cushions to collect additional coin.

Most banks accept a baggie of coins and will credit your account after the money has been counted. There is no longer a need for all those ridiculous paper coin rolls.

So, collect up all that spare change and drop it off at the bank window. Hopefully, you will receive a Benjamin and not at Washington as your reward.

8. Use Those Gift Cards

This action goes with #7. Start searching through your junk collection spots and start pulling all those gift cards together. There are really two options (1) use the gift card or (2) sell the gift card.

Using the gift card will get retain the value of the card. Expect to give up some of the value, if you sell the gift card. There are plenty of sites where you can sell a gift card online.

Another consideration is how well the store is doing financially. If you have a gift card for an underperforming company, this quarantine time is not going to helpful to company’s long term success. It is time to make a decision about those gift cards and either use or sell.

9. Credit Card Rewards and Rebates

It is time to collect on those credit card rewards to help make ends meet. Additionally, start cashing in rebate rewards from Rakuten and Ibotta. Don’t let that money just sit there.

Many sites offer higher valued gift cards in lieu of cash. The gift cards are a good deal only if you can use the gift cards for necessities. Reward money cannot be considered free money. This money is earned and should be treated as earned money.

10. Declutter and Sell Your Stuff

Television watching actually gets boring after a few weeks. Even though decluttering is not fun, there has never been a better time to start the process. There are different methods to declutter from brute force to more delicate methods.

Regardless, take the time now to declutter and sort out items to donate and to sell. There are so many different ways to sell items even from home depending on the item. Take the time to investigate to the best method for your items.

Remember one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. It is never clear what has value.

Don’t forget to look up at the pictures on the walls, especially if you received a picture from an older relative.


Unfortunately, the quarantine situation is going to last a while longer. How to Find Money During Home Quarantine is one of many articles we published relating to home quarantining during these crazy times. Below are a few additional articles regarding the quarantine.

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Good Luck on Your Money Hunt.

Stay Safe and Healthy!

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