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How I grew my Pinterest impressions by 50K in one month

We have all read where bloggers will try and comfort us by saying that getting more Pinterest impressions is not important. For new bloggers, impressions are important. It is how we are actually getting eyeballs on our content using Pinterest. I would agree that the difference between 2M and 2.5M impressions probably is not the key to success, but the difference between 5,000 and 50,000 impressions does matter.

A little of my back story. This blog started in 2019Q2. After two month, the site was at about 20,000 impressions/per month. I stopped blogging, as this is a hobby, and the stock market was very active – the way I actually make money. On January 7, 2020, I started back up and my Pinterest Monthly total audience was about 2K and Pinterest impressions were slightly higher. Basically, ground zero to start on Pinterest.

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Started Pinning again on January 7th. On January 7th, Monthly Total Audience was just over 2K.
On February 11th, Monthly Total Audience was over 38K

My Monthly Total Impressions on Feb 11th was 52K and continues to grow. Obviously, there is still a long way to go.

For better or worse, I have not taken any courses and I have not started using Tailwind.

Below are ideas that have worked, some ideas that haven’t worked, ideas that I am working on, and things I am still considering.

NOTE: This article ended up being super long, so pin it now as it will take some time to go through.

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The Cost of Entry for Pinterest

These are really the must do’s that every “How to Begin Your Blog” article discusses. If you have not done these items, stop and complete these actions first. There are like a thousand articles on how to begin on Pinterest.

1. Create a Business Account

2. Rich Pins and Register Your URL with Pinterest

3. Create Your Pinterest Profile

4. Have 5-10 Pinterest Boards

Now that the very basic items are complete. Let’s move on to the interesting items.

Ideas that Seem to Work

1. Be on Pinterest and Use Pinterest

Being on the platform does matter. Using Pinterest as a normal person uses the platform matters. If you are just jumping into using Pinterest to promote your business or blog, take a step back and learn about the platform.

2. Pin More of Your Stuff than Other People’s Pins

There are bloggers that swear you should post more of other people’s stuff than your own. Not sure how that helps promote you.

You do need to use Pinterest as a normal person, so you do need to repin (save) other people’s ideas to your boards. There are also sorts of ratios out that claim to optimize your results, but I would recommend pinning at least 60:40 towards your advantage in the beginning.

3. SEO

Again, there are literally hundreds of articles on how to use the Pinterest search bar to come up with keywords. The more relevant keywords you can string together the better.

Yoast plug-in (which is free for the base version) is well worth installing to help on your SEO journey.

Just a funny side note: I have place in top row for a few keywords on Pinterest, but the words were apparently unimportant as the pin got like 300 impressions and a couple saves.

Generation Z saving (or investing) is not a hot topic on Pinterest. If you want a laugh at my expense, just search it on Pinterest. Your search will probably be the second search after mine. I still need to work on SEO!

4. Make Multiple Pins for an Article

New pins do better on Pinterest than repining old pins. Pinterest wants new material. A new pin is considered new material. Make sure to change the image as Pinterest considers same URL with the same image as a duplicate pin. Slightly re-cropping the picture and calling it new is not going to cut it.

5. New Pins and Articles are Critical

Pinterest clearly likes new material. Every time I post something new I get more Pinterest impressions. I am still not sure about the perfect frequency of new pins or new articles introduction. I am currently trying to introduce 2 new pins every day.

6. Pins Need to be Engaging

Now, I recognize that I still need to improve in this area. The pins that do better have 3 characteristics (a) look good, (b) have keywords, and (c) ask the reader a question or to do something.

7. Canva

The free version has the base template for making Pinterest pins and it is easy to use.

8. Group Boards

Group boards are helpful if you don’t have a large following. It helps to have more places to pin articles. Group boards are not the solution to everything, as some bloggers state.

Just a heads up many people do not follow the board rules regarding repinning.

Pingroupie has some of the Pinterest groups listed or just search Pinterest.

9. Pinning Every Day

I found that getting on Pinterest every day matters. This means pinning every day.

I have been pinning about 20 pins per day, which looks to be a little light (see below for Tailwind article).

10. Check the Link Before Saving Someone’s Pin to Your Site

I am not sure if it will get you more Pinterest impressions, but there are a lot of pins out there that lead nowhere. You don’t want those pins on your boards.

Ideas That Have Not Yet Wowed Me (and did not seem to give me more Pinterest Impressions)

1. Using your own photos or buy photos

I have used my own photos and free stock photos. I might be getting a few more impressions from my own photos, but it is unclear. Maybe if I had more impressions, there would be more of an impact on my numbers.

I would not waste your time or money on buying or taking photos early on. This is something that larger bloggers swear by, so it is something I am going back to later. I suspect new photos and purchased photos do help, but there are easier and less costly ways to begin for new bloggers.

2. Getting Followers

There are some crazy ideas out there to get more followers. Most ideas will likely get you in Pinterest jail as Pinterest is cracking down on questionable or inauthentic (politically correct term) behavior.

I have not found a great way to get more followers. Following people in your topic area makes good sense. If you save several of their pins, they might follow you back. It seems like a lot of work. The best way so far has been to let it occur organically.

I am trying to hit 1,000 followers in 2020, so please feel free to follow me!

3. Buying stuff

In general, all these big bloggers are trying to sell something. Maybe some day I will breakdown, but most of it just seems like a money grab.

I am not trying to sell you anything in this article.

4. Board Covers

Almost no one is going to your Pinterest page. So, judging your board covers seems to be low on the priority list. I have done a few board covers. It did not seem to boost my traffic.

5. Board Sorting

Same issue as board covers – who is looking? There seems to be bigger opportunities to address first.

6. Longer Pins

So there is a standard size for a Pinterest pin that is recommended by Pinterest, I just use Canva and it has the issue covered. It is possible to make longer pins to standout more. Some blogger swear by it.

I tried a few tests of using standard size pins and longer pins. Honestly, I have not found a difference in driving more Pinterest impressions to my account. It may depend on the niche. Maybe after becoming an expert on everything else, come back to the longer pin idea and try it out.

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Concepts Still Working On

1. SEO – Longer and Smarter Word Combinations

As I mentioned earlier, I ranked #1 for a stupid combination that I searched up on Pinterest. It is time to branch out and use more sophisticated tools like Ubersuggest, which is free.

2. Better Descriptions and Titles

I want to increase the close-up to click/save ratio. The main two things that would prevent the final action are the title and description. In defense of the users, it really is me and not you. I find many of my descriptions boring.

3. Pin 2 New Items Each Day

This is my great theory of the week. I implemented on Monday. Not sure how it will go, but I am moving forward.

Additionally, there are new guidelines and interpretations regarding the frequency of pinning each pin. Speaking of Cent’s Pinterest’s 2020 Best Practices is an interesting read.

4. Stop Using Group Boards with Low Impressions

So apparently I am a moron. I actually followed the board rules and that is abnormal. After working on getting invited to these boards, I am going to quit some of them. Lack of Impressions = Lack of Value for Me

Now that I sold you on group boards…

If you want to join a group board and you are involved in personal finance, feel free to join mine. Just repin 1:1.

5. Finding a Voice

Know the audience is something I am still working on.

Being in personal finance with a focus on saving, career advice, and investing is difficult on Pinterest. The finance audience is <1% of Pinterest users. This means I need to be careful about what I post to Pinterest and make sure those articles are less technical.

Career advice and saving money ideas will play on Pinterest. Discussing the merits of shorting stocks will probably not even get 10 impressions.

6. Number of Pins Per Day

There is more advice on this topic than days in the year. Recently, Tailwind stated that their “most successful members Pin around 15-25 Pins per day.” Of course, their most successful members are likely supporting their Tailwind account with manual pinning.

I currently guessing that the optimum number of pins is between 25 and 40 pins/day. I need to work up to those types of numbers.

7. Facebook Groups

I am not a Facebook junkie, so taking the Facebook leap was uncomfortable. The right group can help drive temporary traffic to your site and pump up your Pinterest numbers.

I am not completely sold on Facebook Groups, but I am trying a few out this month for the first time.

Additional Ideas that I Am Considering

1. Tailwind

Manual pinning sucks up a lot of time and is boring. Additionally, I know I am not posting at all key times for Pinterest. For less than two Starbuck’s coffees a month, there is a program to do it for you. I am planning on starting the trial in a couple week. I might have to cave on this one and spend the money. We will see how it goes.

2. Pinning a Pin to 10 Boards

According to Tailwind, a pin should be pinned to only 10 boards. There was stress on relevant boards. This would support exiting some group boards with lower impressions.

Side note: The Tailwind article that I linked to above is full of a lot of nuggets of information. I recommend giving the article a read. It debunks a lot of common lore being spread by “Pinterest experts”.

3. Creating More Niche Boards

In support of 10 very relevant boards, more personal boards that are very drilled down on keywords is something to consider.

4. Branding Pins

I don’t have a brand for my pins, primarily due to not having found what works best. Knowing that the name of the game is going to be making many new pins for each article, having set templates will make life easier.

5. How to Get More Followers

The more successful blogs on Pinterest have thousands of followers. The average blog (not the outliers) cannot be successful without lots of followers. I need to improve in this area. I am not exactly sure the next steps for this one.

6. Logo and Profile Improvements

Lower on my list, but these could use some improvements.

7. Guest Posts

I am not there yet, but it does seem like a good thing to do with blogs with high Pinterest following/impressions to get more Pinterest impressions.

8. Email List

The email list can help drive traffic to your site and to your Pinterest account.


There you have it. There is a ton to do as a new blogger and it overwhelming at times. I totally get it. I hope this article helps you drive more Pinterest impressions on your Pinterest account by:

1. Giving the basic Right to Compete on Pinterest items that must be done.

2. Addressing several ideas that have been beneficial in increase my Pinterest Impressions.

3. Stating ideas that have not helped me yet. These might be great ideas, but may be not for a beginner.

4. Sharing ideas of my next steps to increase my Pinterest impressions.

5. Reviewing items on my dream list.

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