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Last month, we discussed how to grow Pinterest impressions as someone new to Pinterest. As a new blogger, impressions are important. It is how we actually getting eyeballs on our content using Pinterest. This month, the focus continues to be on impressions and monthly total audience on Pinterest. There has been a positive correlation between Pinterest impressions/views and blog visits and pageviews on the WhipperSnapper Finance site. As the WhipperSnapper Finance blogging journey continues, my Pinterest strategy continues to evolve.

The Pinterest strategy that is outlined below is a continuation of the strategy that was developing last month. Read How I Grew My Pinterest Impressions by 50K in One Month if you are interested in those startup steps.

Background and 1st Month Performance

A little back story on this blog: This blog started in 2019Q2. After two months, the site was at about 20,000 impressions/per month. I stopped blogging, as this is a hobby, and the stock market was very active – the way I actually make money. On January 7, 2020, I started back up and my Pinterest Monthly total audience was about 2K and Pinterest impressions were slightly higher. Basically, ground zero to start on Pinterest.

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Started Pinning again on January 7th.
On January 7th, Monthly Total Audience was just over 2K.
On February 11th, Monthly Total Audience was over 38K.

My Monthly Total Impressions on Feb 11th was 52K.

2nd Month Performance

I am still focused on growing Pinterest Impressions and Pinterest Total Month Audience as I am seeing a direct correlation from Impressions/Audience to activity on my blog website.

Many bloggers state that impressions/audience is a vanity number. At this point in the development of this blog, there appears to still be a benefit in growing these statistics.

Graph of Monthly Total Audience on Pinterest #Pinterestimpression #pinterestaudience
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Monthly Total Audience was just over 38K on February 11th. On March 11th, Monthly Total Audience was over 180K.

As mentioned above, the Monthly Total Impressions on Feb 11th was 52K. By March 11th, the Monthly Total Impressions was above 220K. So pretty nice growth in the 2nd month. This has translated nicely into more blog visits and page views.

For better or worse, I still have not taken any courses. This means that I am doing a lot by trial and error.

There have been a lot of errors, which have been fun or extremely frustrating depending on how full my glass is on a given day.

Below we will cover:

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Ideas that Seem to Work

I ranked the ideas based on which I thought had the most impact on my success this month.

1. Pin My Blog 20 Times Per Day

This was my big goal of the month and quite honestly I had to work up to it. I decide to follow the recommendations in the Tailwind article that I cited last month. Specifically, I wanted to pin my blog 20 times per day and other sources 5-10/day.

I frequently did not meet this goal due to manual pinning being rather boring and time-consuming.

2. Pin 2 New Items Each Day

It was part of my great theory. I created 3 pins for 20 blogs with the intention of posting each pin 10 times.

3 pins x 20 posts = 60 new pins per month / 30 days in a month = 2 new pins per day

The reality was some pins just did not take off. This created a problem as to why continue with a dud pin?

I started evaluating the pin’s performance after 5 board posting to determine if I should continue pinning that pin or if a new pin was needed.

3. Reduce Dependence on Group Boards

I changed my strategy regarding pinning frequency to Group Boards. I was pinning about 75% of the time to Group Boards. With the strategy change to only pinning a pin to 10 boards, the first boards I looked to eliminate were low impression Group Boards.

Specifically, I reviewed board performance on the Pinterest Analytics section to determine which boards were actually driving traffic to my pins. The results indicated many boards were basically useless. I changed from pinning 75% of the time to Group Boards to 20-30%.

Additionally, I added a few more niche boards to make sure key search words were covered better.

4. Facebook Groups and Threads

I joined a few Facebook groups. There are some pros and cons to these groups.

Most groups are just spam-like and don’t add value. There is a lot of trial and error in finding good groups. I suspect I will only consistently participate in 1-2 groups moving forward.


  • There are a few good groups (not many) that are supportive and actually do the tasks.
  • Doing re-pin threads with bloggers who have a similar niche does help get more eyes on your posts. Just make sure that you stay away from pin all-threads as it won’t help to have unrelated niches on your boards.
  • It helps get comments on pins which apparently can help meet engagement requirements of Pinterest. I mean who actually comments on a pin normally, so how else would you get that type of engagement.
  • For a beginner blogger, it will help boost your engagement statistics (granted artificially).


  • I did a few click-through pins threads and my session duration time statistic went down dramatically. With most groups, it is load the page, click and go.
  • The same bloggers seem to be in all the groups, so there are many repeat pins and posts.
  • Just like Pinterest Group Boards, there are bloggers who drop their pin/post and run without doing the task.
  • It is frequently hard to find good posts in your niche.

There is a place for Facebook Groups as part of a beginner’s Pinterest strategy. Facebook Groups are more on an add-on, but the groups do not replace the need to complete the fundamentals.

5. Started Trial of Tailwind

I started trialing Tailwind this month. You can try Tailwind for free (100 pins). Digital SheEO has good tips for how to use Tailwind that I continue to implement.

So far, I am not sure how wonderful it will be for me. It will help stop so much manual pinning which is brutally uninteresting and hence free up time to do other things.

Tailwind will also help post at times when I would be asleep, so I do see the value in the capability. The analytics do interest the nerd in me.

I am not expecting much boost in traffic as promised by those blog posts that say Tailwind is better than sliced bread. We will see.

Ultimately, if it stops all the manual pinning requirements, I am going to buy it.

If you haven’t bought Tailwind yet, make sure to find someone who can give you a code to get an extra $15 off. Anyone on Tailwind has that capability.


I was not that adventurous this month on Pinterest, so my list of failures is not as long as last month.

I did try a video pin, which bombed. I might be the only person who failed at a video pin on Pinterest.

Everyone states video pins are the best thing ever. Not me. In fairness, I did use a Canva video and I could not figure out how to repin. Finally, I don’t think the financial niche is big in creativity.

There is a place for video pins on Pinterest. Cooking and fashion seem to be niches with great opportunities to use video to showcase creativity.

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1. Optimizing Use of Pinterest Group Board

The Pinterest offered analytics and Tailwind offered analytics give different views of what is transpiring on your Pinterest account. Blending the two sets of analytics should give a clearer picture of the best Pinterest Group Boards to continue using moving forward.

2. More Articles in Tailwind and Let Tailwind Drive

I really want to see how Tailwind will run my Pinterest account to establish a baseline. The baseline and associated analytics will give insights into the next steps for growth.

Additional Ideas that I Am Considering

There are still ideas on the posting from last month that I am considering and/or know I need to complete. These are just additional ideas. I am not sure why this list keeps getting longer versus shorter.

1. Tailwind Tribes

I have heard great things and it is part of the Tailwind membership fee.

2. Optimizing Number of Pins

I know that Tailwind states 15-25 pins per day as optimum. However, there are many bloggers who espouse pinning more pins daily. It is worth playing with the number to see if there is any impact.

3. SEO – Get Serious

I am seriously becoming the poster child for SEO stupid.

I yet again ranked highest for a stupid Pinterest based keyword combination that did give me traffic, but not top left-hand corner worthy traffic. It was actually for How I Grew My Pinterest Impressions by 50K in One Month.


The WhipperSnapper Finance blog journey continues and there is still a long way to go to reach a larger audience. No doubt, there is still much to learn. The five fun takeaways this month are:

  1. Work on increasing the number of good articles available to be pinned
  2. Pin new items daily
  3. Don’t be too dependent on Pinterest group boards
  4. Facebook groups are a good add-on but should not be a cornerstone of your strategy
  5. Tailwind is probably worth it if you dislike manual pinning

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This is a personal finance site, so I am not pushing expensive blogging tools. I would rather help you find ways to make money and not spend money.

However, if you are still reading this article, you are probably more interested in blogging than finance. Below are a few more articles about my adventures with Pinterest. The second article is particularly interesting as it discusses Pinterest’s corporate strategy.

If you are interested in taking steps towards financial independence, start our 9-week financial challenge. It is absolutely free and comes with a 30-page workbook.

Good Luck Out There, WhipperSnapper Finance

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