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As we complete the first month of home quarantine, it is a good time to take stock of the positive home quarantine memories. It is too easy to focus on the negatives. Even positive news is turned negative by the news media and social media. Talk about emotionally draining.

Now more than ever it is so important to focus on the positives.

There are many ideas on how to have fun during a home quarantine as a family. Fun is frequently about attitude. With teenagers in the house, the first couple of weeks were tough. There were a lot of negative and aggressive emotions. It was definitely stressful.

As the weeks have gone on, attitudes change and a new normal is emerging. Having fun has become a priority. Creating opportunities to foster fun is a daily task.

However, there are setbacks. When school was announced to be closed for the rest of the year, there was more concern. The concern began the conversation about summer jobs already accepted and likely not to occur and school next year. These are tough times and it really is up to parents to put family first.

Having fun reduces stress and creates memories.

How will kids look back at this time in our country’s history?

Will it be focused on the dangers of the virus and the fears of a nation?

Or will it focus on the craziness of distant learning?

Or will they focus on the positive home quarantine memories?

Below are twenty of our positive home quarantine memories. Challenge yourself to reflect on positives from the last month and plan for how to multiple those positive memories next month.

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Twenty Positive Home Quarantine Memories

1. Making S’mores

A neighbor, who is moving, put out a perfectly good portable fire pit. What a find as we have been thinking about purchasing a portable fire pit for a long time. We scavenged it and make s’ mores that evening.

2. Tie Dyed Shirts

We seem to collect DIY kits as gifts. We never have the time to complete the kits. For Easter, we tied dyed shirts. My teenage son was surprisingly thrilled, which I did not expect. This will be a lasting memory.

3. Start Competitive Puzzle Challenges

This is taking puzzles to the next level. As we have finished many 1000+ piece puzzles, it was time to get competitive with the clock. It might be time to cut back, but something to consider if you are looking for a new challenge.

4. Boggled with Boggle

There are so many good educational games that are great for all ages. Boggle is one of those games.

When my children were younger, they were allowed two-letter words and all the plurals. Now that everyone is older team Boggle is extremely competitive as an after-dinner ritual.

5. Building a Snowman

There is nothing like a few mid-April snow showers to get out an build a snowman with your teenage kids. I cannot remember the last time we built a snowman together.

6. Walking Everywhere

Walking has become so important to sanity. Fortunately, our police force is more understanding than most in the state and is perfectly fine with walking and biking. I think the city could almost shutdown cars for bikes and walkers during parts of the day.

7. Yard Work

We usually outsource the spring yard clean up, but this year we used our time to save some money and get a little exercise. When the weather gets better, it is a summer for gardening. If you are not a big garden person, consider starting a simple garden with hardy vegetables.

8. Teaching Teenagers to Cook

I thought I taught my teens the basics of cooking, but there have been some obvious misses like covering soup and butter when heating in the microwave. These life skills are improving every day!

9. Meal Planning

Everyone is getting in on meal planning as grocery and meat shopping only occur once per week requires serious planning. This is such an important life skill to save money on groceries, which probably would never be so reinforced without this lockdown.

10. Seriously Cutback on Expenses

Have you looked at your spend this last month? Wow. It sets the spending baseline bar at a much lower level.

Fortunately, we have not experienced meaningful job loss in our household. Our kids lost their spring jobs (and now probably their summer jobs), but that was just their spending cash. It is probably a good experience for them to get a small taste of the financial impact that others are experiencing in our community.

11. Snowball Fights

If we cannot have swimming pools and nice weather like down south at least there were a few good snowball fights!

12. Watching A Lot of Wildlife

With less traffic and no golfing, the wildlife is starting to get more comfortable in our neighborhood. Not really thrilled with the coyotes, but bird watching is actually becoming a family affair.

13. Re-evaluated Stock Holding

Remember this is a financial site and making money is fun. There was no joy in seeing the markets fall, but it is a good time to re-evaluate stock positions. It was interesting hearing how (and how much) the kids wanted to invest in their Roth IRAs. It will be interesting to see how the new stock positions do over the next year!

14. Organizing and Declutter

With everyone being at home, there is limited time to organize and declutter. However, there are those moments when the garage or closet can be cleaned out and the amazing “treasures” that bring back memories. Who knew that every soccer ball has an associated memory? No wonder we have a dozen soccer balls.

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15. Making Hot Sauce

This was another DIY kit that we received at some point. The entire house stank of peppers and the sauce was actually not very good. It is a memory that gets a lot of laughs.

So, hot sauce is probably not the best family gathering, but making things like hand sanitizer and soap are easy.

16. Making a Few Face Masks and Trying a Few Facial Face Masks

Teaching a little about sewing is a good thing, but not exactly entertaining. Watching grown men try facial masks out of boredom is another.

17. Growing Herbs Inside

Herbs are probably the easiest thing to grow inside. There is something encouraging about watching plants grow.

18. Starting to Address the Gold Fixtures

It is expensive and wasteful to replace fixtures. But after weeks of staring at brass fixtures, it was time for a change. Fortunately, home improvement stores are still open and everyone likes a project with spray paint.

19. Cutting and Dying Hair

I have been cutting my son’s hair since he was a baby. With the school closures, my daughter actually let me touch her hair (wow!). She even let me dye her tips bright red (double wow!). Fun and a bit messy versus typical hair dye. This is something we would have never done without a social break.

Now, I wait for my husband to let me cut his hair. He claims he is not nervous, but he still is avoiding the opportunity. My scissors are ready!

20. Family Bonding

Lots of time together is naturally going to result in family bonding. As my teens will go off to college in a few short years, I am particularly happy that we are having more family time.


So, there are 20 of our positive memories from the first month of home quarantine. Until quarantine restrictions are lifted, home has new meaning.

Keeping a positive attitude is imperative to the mental health of everyone in your home. It is not easy. Take the time to come up with your own list of positive home quarantine memories and make a list of additional memories to make during this time.

What are your positive memories? How are those going to multiple next month?

Stay Safe

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