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The number of people filing for unemployment this month is terrifying. Literally, millions of people have lost their jobs and are now filing for unemployment. Losing household income is so difficult. This is a roundup article of money saving ideas that we have presented over time. The goal is to give as many money saving tips to help you get through this rough patch.

We won’t be focusing on big purchases or any of that nonsense. This about saving on everyday services and purchases that can be done at home. Some ideas will potentially save big money and other ideas are smaller in nature. Don’t forget that little things do add up.

Many expect this quarantine to last about 2 months, so below is an idea for almost every day. There are multiple links for additional ideas, but this is a good starting point.

Please stay safe and healthy. We will get through this united.

Big Savings Quick

1. Call Creditors

Certain loans are suppose to be suspended from payment. Call and verify which loans you can put off paying for now. You don’t want your credit score to be blown up by making assumptions.

Additionally, use the call as an opportunity to negotiate down your rate.

2. Evaluate Cell Phone Carriers and Plan

3. Shop Around Insurance – Especially Car Insurance

4. Change Insurance Coverage

If you aren’t going to be using one of your cars, can there be an agreement to drop its coverage for a few months?

5. Cut Your Cable Cord

It really is the time to complete the transition, especially with no sports on right now.

6. Renegotiate Rent

It might be possible depending on your rent terms. Owners like to get something in rent versus nothing and it is not like a ton of people are looking to move right now.

7. Move Back Home or Get More Roommates

8. Refinance Your Mortgage

There have been cheaper rates than right now. The general rule is refinance if you can save 1% point on your rate.

9. Stop Daycare

10. Cancel Big Memberships

If your job is in jeopardy, it is time to stop the frivolous like country club memberships, and opera tickets.

11. Stop Lawn Service

12. Stop Housecleaning Service

13. Consolidate Banking Services

Frequently, there are cash bonuses for consolidation.

14. Change Credit Cards

Get rid of annual fee credit cards and sign up for credit cards that are better aligned with your current situation.

If you have high credit card debt, it is time to look for a low interest credit card. Make sure to use your rewards before canceling any credit cards.

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Saving Money Ideas – Food

It is embarrassing but true that we saved $8,000/year by reducing eating out, better meal planning and using couponing and rebates. Almost 90% of the savings came from not eating out and meal planning. Here are a few key money saving ideas to get you started.

15. Stop Eating and Ordering Out

It is more like ordering out these days.

16. Stop Buying Coffee Out

17. Start Meal Planning

18. Know at Least 20 Frugal Meals

Pinterest is definitely the place to search for frugal meal ideas. A few great sites are Sula and Spice and Air Fryer Eats.

19. Use Grocery Store and Drug Store Apps

There are a lot of good coupons and deals on those apps.

20. Sign up for Reward Programs

It is not uncommon to get free items and dollars off your next bill at the grocery store by participating in the rewards program.

21. Sign up for Rebate Programs

Ibotta, Checkout51, and Fetch Rewards are good ones to consider.

22. Don’t Be Brand Loyal

Frugal Ideas to Consider

23. Hair Cuts DIY

The only investment that I am recommending in this article is in a decent hair clipper set, which can cost less than a hair cut. If there are boys in the house, this pays back quick.

24. Quit or take a Holiday from a Bad Habit

Stop drinking and smoking. It will save money and help your health.

25. Biking and Walking

The roads are pretty clear right now, so save on gas.

Services and Memberships

We saved $10,000 by eliminating and renegotiating memberships and subscriptions. There is an extensive list of memberships to consider in our article, How We Saved $10,000.

26. Evaluate and Eliminate Unused Memberships

Evaluate all memberships from the gym to the country club.

27. Evaluate Subscription – Entertainment

This takes really looking at your credit card bill to see all those reoccurring charges.

28. Eliminate or Suspend Subscriptions

Do you really need a paid car music subscription, if you are not driving in your car right now? How many paid movie services do you need?

29. Remove Credit Card Information

Click to buy is much easier than hunt down the passcodes. This will stop some of the impulse buying.

30. Focus on Free Activities and Services

The library has many on-line books. Here are some other free activities to consider. Obviously, the article was written pre-quarantine.

31. Use Your Gift Cards

If you have a spending itch, focus it on those gift cards that have been collecting dust.

Smaller Money Saving Options – Food and Drug Store Items

These saving money ideas are not going to make you rich or pay your rent for the month, but every quarter can add up.

32. Stop or Reduce Using Paper Towels

33. Use Bar Soap and/or Make Your Own

Bar soap costs a lot less than liquid soap.

34. Make Your Own Liquid and Foam Soap

See Money Saving Hacks article for the how to directions.

35. Make Your Own Household Cleaner

3 DIY Virus Cleaning Solutions that are based in science.

36. Look for the Deal of Laundry Detergent

A good deal on laundry detergent is less than $1 for the bottle. A decent deal is less than $2 per bottle.

37. Amount of Laundry Detergent

Actually, check the fill line if you are using liquid laundry detergent. It is much lower than you think.

38. Cut Dryer Sheets in Half

39. Never Pay for Toothpaste

Find the deal at the local drug store. Follow Krazy Coupon Lady for help in finding the deal.

40. Don’t Pay for Deodorant

Same logic as toothpaste.

41. Stop Buying Bottled Water

42. Buy Dry Powder Drink Mix

Dry drink mix tends to be cheaper than liquid drinks.

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Energy Saving Ideas

Heating and air conditioning top the list for power use in a typical house accounting for almost 1/2 of the power bill. Heating is more expensive than cooling a house (3:2 cost ratio). The water heater is the third biggest energy hog at roughly 15% of the typical energy bill.

In the last few months, we have published three articles on energy saving ideas that go beyond what is below. If you need more ideas consider these articles:

29 Low Cost Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill

Reduce your Electric Bill

Eliminate Energy Vampires

Below are some no cost options that should make a nice dent in your energy bill.

43. Turn up or down thermostat

44. Close the drapes to help regulate temperature

45. Use Ceiling Fans (and Windows)

46. Utilize the Energy Savings Mode

Your appliance is 1/3 more efficient in this mode.

47. Water Heater Set at 120F

This is the most optimal setting.

48. Take shorter (and colder) showers

Showers and the washer are the two biggest users of hot water.

49. Eco-warm or Cold Setting with High Spin on Washer

These are some of the most efficient settings for energy conservation.

50. Unplug your Electronics

10-20% of your energy bill is due to energy vampires.

51. Dryer Settings

Read the dryer’s manual for optimum setting. The standard setting tends to be one of the best settings. Consider reducing drying time and hanging clothes damp. Another consideration is line drying clothes.

52. Clean Dryer Vent

Improve air flow to reduce energy use and potential for fire.

53. Sign up for Energy Incentive Days

These programs vary per electric supplier.

Government and Non-Profit Options

This situation is not your fault. Don’t be ashamed or concerned about using the government programs that you have been supporting through your taxes. Additionally, collecting these benefits will reduce unnecessary financial hardship.

54. File for Unemployment

The bill going through the US Congress gives bigger unemployment checks for a longer amount of time, according to a CNBC report.

55. Make Sure Government has Proper Address/Banking Routing Information

This will help the extra assistance check being approved by Congress get to you faster. Having this check will help you save the money you do have.

56. Evaluate if Your Eligible for Additional Benefits

Apply early as the government is not exactly efficient. Some of these programs can really help save money.

57. Check with Local Food Banks

Some food banks have programs for everyone regardless if you meeting government requirements.

58. Property Tax Relief

If you think your house value is too high, it might be an opportunity to get your tax bill reduced.

Final Savings Recommendations

59. Be Safe

This is not the time to take risks like flying on airplanes or gathering crowd. In the short term, this has the potential to save significant money.

60. Be Healthy

Don’t forget to exercise both physically and mentally. These are difficult times. Avoid costly hospital visits by taking care of your family. A Chronic Voice has several great articles on mental health – you are not alone.


Hang in there. I truly hope these money saving ideas help you get through this rough patch. Soon enough, things will return to normal. Below are a few articles that discuss quarantine and managing money.

If you appreciated this article, please share.

Good Luck and Stay Safe.

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