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This week I was prepared to write about fun(ish) personal financial lessons to teach children during the home quarantine. However, going absolutely stir crazy this weekend changed my weak mind. There are too many mommy bloggers out there who are saying how perfect their life is right now. It is gross.

As we go into the second month of rough weather and home quarantining, sanity is becoming a luxury. Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day is a sad reality. Being introvert, the first few weeks were good and not necessarily different from daily life!

Now, I find myself doing things that I never thought possible for someone who is usually considered “put together.” Are you finding yourself doing many of the same things?

9 Signs that You Are Absolutely Stir Crazy

1. Grounding Your Daughter

My teenage daughter was being a complete – fill in the blank – teenager on Saturday.

Not thinking, I told her if she kept it up she would be grounded. She looked totally confused and asked a very honest question, “you mean I cannot leave the house or see my friends for the next month?”

Ugh! Logic.

2. Decluttering Parenting Failure

I told my kids to play 10 hours of video games on a rainy Saturday. The logic was that whatever games were no longer liked should be put in the donation bag.

Not only did my kids think I had lost my mind, I actually question them if they were changing games frequently enough to get through all the games.

Additionally, the question was asked if they could stop playing and I said no.

Really, no!

3. Christmas in Spring

We made Gingerbread houses this weekend and enjoyed it. Enough said.

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4. Social Distancing Fear

There was a car parked outside our house and I actually felt the anxiety of the car parked too close to our property line. Worse yet, my husband mentioned how he felt uncomfortable with the car being parked in front of our house.

We said this as we were staring out the living room window like animals in a cage.

5. Grocery Store Preparation

Life has become strange under months of home quarantine. The first things that are inventoried before grocery shopping are paper products, hand soap, and sanitizer.

There really is no reason to do the inventory. Like everyone else, we have months of all items in stock.

6. DIY Projects

My teenage son thanked me for my DIY skills this weekend. He was particularly happy with his new mask. Yes, the right word is happy. How the world has changed in 2020.

As a side note, the DIY mask using a t-shirt sleeve makes a nice mask and requires no sewing. It is much more comfortable than the fold-over cloth with rubber bands mask.

I am still not as daring as the older woman I saw at the store today whose mask was made of an old bra cup. If the goal was to give me a good laugh that degraded to envy of her cup size, it worked.

7. Party Time

Sadly, I was excited about the opportunity to do a drive-by birthday party for my daughter’s friend. The activity lasted 5 minutes, but we spent quite a bit of time preparing – making posters, getting dressed, etc. I actually put on lipstick!

Upon reflection, society must be absolutely stir crazy to prepare and participate in 5 minute birthday parades.

Strangely, we all felt happier after the experience.

8. More Homework – Please

My prayers are changing after a month of home quarantine. My most recent prayer is for my teenagers to have more homework. Every media article is about less homework and parents quitting on schooling. So, blast away at my difference of opinion on the topic.

How can anyone be learning much during home quarantine with only 2-3 hours of homework/classes per day?

Why do teachers think it is okay to talk to kids in honor and AP classes once a week and call it good?

Even people going absolutely stir crazy know this makes no sense. I need more than 2-3 hours per day to pick up the house and take a shower. Give them more homework!

9. Trying to Get to the Root Cause

Now, it is not confirmed, but there is a lot of speculation that this mess started by poorly cooking a bat. Talk about one person truly changing the world.

Clearly, the root cause is poor bat recipes, so I googled it. Apparently, bat is best boiled alive with a mixture of vegetables.

I don’t know why that troubles me as it is the same way to cook a lobster.

The problem is the cooking time ranges from 1-2 hours. This seems like an unacceptable cooking time range even understanding there are different size bats. Additionally, there are no thermometer temperature checks.

Where is the food industry on providing proper food handling guidance? Why am I looking up how to cook a bat?

Final Thoughts

Home quarantine and social distancing are expressions that will define 2020. Going absolutely stir crazy is a result of home quarantining and there will surely be a medical term for it at some point.

Keep your spirits up.

This is going to continue being a rollercoaster ride that is based on Groundhog’s Day.

Once I finally write the Fun Personal Finance Lessons for Kids, it will be posted below. Until that time, please consider the other reading offerings.

Stay Safe and Take Care,

WhipperSnapper Finance

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